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Chicken Coops For Sale

Q46 with Wheels

Holds 12 - 15 Chickens

Ceiling height 59 in and it sits 14 inches off the ground, Features include :6 Roomy Nesting Boxes and a Double Roost, Door Size: 18in x 49in, Asphalt shingles roof w Tech Shield Radiant Barrier to keep the coop cooler, Chicken Door with Latches and Ramp, Hinged Ventilation Lid, Glassboard Floor for an extra layer of protection to the floor surface and easier cleanout, 2 18” x 22” Slider Windows with Screens. 4 Wheels with Interchangeable Handle and Hitch

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Price $1920.00 is for Fully Assembled and Includes Shipping to your U.S. location.
**Additional shipping charges may apply to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. Please inquire with us.

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Photo Gallery

Awesome coop with custom run attached
This quaker 4x4 coop was built into the garden setting.
Beautiful Chicken Tractor in this Backyard.
Tower shed and two runs - at home in South Carolina
First Day home for these chickens in their new coop.
Quaker 4x6 Chicken Coop painted Navajo White with Red trim. Customer added...
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